Thursday, September 27, 2012

Just Random

Hi there people! This is Aubs I am one of the authors of this blog, I have been for a long time but never posted. So sorry about that. right now some guys are over to put a propane furnace in, NO HAILING CORN ANYMORE!!!! YEA!!!!! but we are keeping the corn furnace just in case the corn prices go down. So what up with your guys lives? The Avengers movie came out on Tuesday, I really like that movie, it is SO awesome!!!!! here are pictures of the characters if you have not seen it (you HAVE TO see it)
sorry the pictures are kinda small
                                                                         The Hulk
                                                 A person that turns into a big green thing when mad

            one of my favorite characters, He has a awesome bow
                                                                A bad guy. not good at all
                                                                         Iron Man

       Person who played in Star Wars can't remember his name

                                                            The Black Widow
                                                        she is my favorite character

Captain America 
I just love this movie, another great movie is Tron. you should watch it, it is really good




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